Aaron was delighted to act as Musical Director, Vocal Arranger, Composer, Music Producer, Orchestrator, and Bandleader for the multiple EMMY and Golden Globe winning series, Schitt’s Creek. In addition to arranging and rehearsing vocal charts with the Jazzagals, Aaron sourced the band for the Cabaret episodes, produced vocal and instrumental tracks in studio, and composed Takin’ it Home which was performed by Eugene Levy and the Jazzagals.


“I’m writing in praise of the musical talent, abilities, and experience of Aaron Jensen, although I’m sure my words will barely scratch the surface…His arrangements not only came in on time, they came in on the money. They were so much richer than what we thought we were going to get, it immediately helped propel the stature and reputation of our Jazzagals to a first class tribute to home town talent. It also stoked the excitement of Daniel and I to write more performance scenes for the Jazzagals, just so we could hear another Aaron Jensen arrangement.

Aaron is a perfectionist. Over the seasons of Schitt’s Creek, each brilliant vocal arrangement seemed to top the other. And for a television producer trying to adhere rigidly to a schedule and a budget, Aaron’s work teaching, coaching and rehearsing the girls always, without fail, gave us the confidence that no matter what we piled on his plate, his work would always be done, not only on time and on budget, but on a level of excellence that far exceeded our expectations.

Most recently, Aaron arranged and produced, in association with Mariah Carey, a version of Hero for the Schitt’s Creek cast, which appeared on Dear Class of 2020, Barak and Michelle Obama’s tribute to 2020’s high school graduates. The song won accolades on social media and television outlets across North America.

After 45 years in this business, I can honestly say that I pride myself on being able to recognize good product and the people who create it. In my professional opinion, Aaron Jensen has the talent and the unique abilities as a song writer, orchestrator, musical arranger and producer, to craft incredible and prolific works in the American entertainment industry.”